Areas of work

credits: ILO/Maxime Fossat
Building on the engagement in Myanmar over the past decade and taking into account the most recent developments in the country, the ILO is committed to focus first and foremost on the promotion of full respect for and application of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work in Myanmar.

This rights-based foundation will be the basis for addressing a wider set of priorities identified by the ILO's constituents in a participatory process. Assuming continued progress on the rights agenda in Myanmar, it is then envisaged to reach a full Decent Work Country Programme for Myanmar during 2018, aligned with and contributing to national development priorities and the overall assistance framework of the United Nations.

The work of the ILO in Myanmar centres around four pillars:
  1. Strong commitment to the elimination of forced labour in support of peace and development.
  2. Strengthening freedom of association and improved labour market governance in support of democratization and the rule of law.
  3. Enhanced decent employment opportunities through a comprehensive set of initiatives in support of the Government’s economic and social priorities and the SDG’s.
  4. Targeted interventions to address workplace discrimination and realize decent work for specific groups.